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Oliver Chammas

Oliver Chammas

I graduated from the University of Leeds with a degree in Medical Biochemistry.  My only previous lab experience was during my degree, when I did a lab based dissertation project that exposed me to a number of different labs and techniques. I was attracted to the CDT Molecular-Scale Engineering programme for the chance to use my current knowledge to further other fields of science, as well as to learn something new at the same time.

Research Interests
My research interests, broadly speaking are mainly medicinal and human based.  More specifically, I am interested in the detection and investigation of diseases through the use of nanotech and electrical engineering techniques combined with biochemistry. At the moment, I am trying to use quantum dots to detect cells that have a specific cancer marker.  The hope is to be able to attach an antibody that is stable to the quantum dot, to allow for detection of the target molecule.

The CDT Advantage
I hoped that the CDT Molecular-Scale Engineering programme would give me the chance to not only use my previous knowledge, but also learn much more chemistry physics and engineering that might not have been case on a conventional PhD. 

So far, I have most enjoyed the chance to do lab work in so many varying fields, but also, I have relished the chance to gain experience and knowledge in other areas, which have helped expand my interests.  I have also gained a greater understanding of the problems that can affect people working on different areas in a project and being able to offer a fresh outlook to them.

Also, the CDT has also offered me new challenges to do with time management and planning.  Because I am based in Leeds, I have had to make trips to Sheffield and do coursework with Sheffield-based students, which have created challenges mainly due to the longer hours and problems of distance between the two institutions. However, I would highly recommend the CDT Molecular-Scale Engineering programme as a great way to learn something new!