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Ahmed Taha


I studied Chemical Physics and graduated with an honours degree in Master of Physics from the University of Sheffield on 22 June 2012.

Previous lab experience
My pervious lab experience included fabrication and characterisation of the electrical transparent conductor Mn/Al doped ZnO for my master’s project.

Why I chose to study in the CDT in Molecular-Scale Engineering
I want to make sure that the research I will do is up to date and that I will explore new topics which have yet to be established as a branch of science and engineering.

Current research
My first rotation has involved the study of the structure of water using AFM; my second rotation will be on the fabrication and characterisation of nanotubes sensors, and my third rotation will be on the nanofabrication of proteins on substrates using electron beam lithography and studying the force interactions between the proteins.

Advantages of an integrated PhD over a conventional PhD
First, the programme offers many options for the student so it makes it easy for me to ensure that the project I will choose for my PhD is what I really want to do. Second, the first year is a general background of the course which has enabled me to learn more about the applications of molecular scale engineering.

The most enjoyable aspects
I enjoyed travelling between Sheffield and Leeds. Studying at two different universities enables me to learn in two different environments and engage with people from different backgrounds.

The most challenging aspects
I found time management to be the most challenging thing so far, but I believe that this is not uncommon!

What would you say to others students interested in joining the CDT?
The CDT gives you the opportunity to select the research area of particular interest to you, this is especially important if you know that you want to do a PhD but unsure in what particular area.

Activities I participate in outside of the CDT
I am a member of the swimming club of the University of Sheffield.